Welcome to the Midwest Marble Club!

If you are an old time collector looking to meet with other like-minded marble collectors, or you are just beginning to find the fun in collecting marbles, we urge you to come to one of our Midwest Marble Club meetings and/or shows and enjoy the amazing world of collectible marbles. See what it’s like to feel like a kid again hunting through a group of recently found marbles, looking for that “diamond in the rough” marble, or gazing at some truly remarkable and beautiful works of art.

Our members meet quarterly to buy, sell and trade amongst themselves and the public. Members also help new members and the public identify the “unknown” marbles in their collections or recent finds, as well as provide advice on finding, organizing and displaying their marble collections.

MIDWEST MARBLE CLUB SPRING 2020 MEETING – April 19, 2020 – Cancelled

Due to the concerns regarding the Covid-19 virus and out an abundance of caution for our senior members, and not knowing how long this situation will last, the Midwest Marble Club’s April 19th meeting has been cancelled.

We wish everyone good health during this difficult time. When this passes, as all things do, we will schedule the next Midwest Marble Club Meeting and let everyone know. Please take care of yourself and your loved ones.

Midwest Marble Club – Fall 2020 Marble Show – date to be determined

The Midwest Marble Club is still planning on having its annual multi-day marble show at the La Quinta Inn West 5151 American Blvd W, Bloomington, MN 55437; early in September 2020, unless the current situation is still on-going at that time.

Contact us to learn more about the Midwest Marble Club.